Feb 11, 2011

Most Read Authors

Most Read Authors is a new feature they have added to your Goodreads' bookshelf. If you go to your Goodreads' homepage, click on 'my books' and go down to the 'Tools' section on the left-hand side, there is a new option called 'Most Read Authors' if you click on the link it will bring you to a page with a list of your most read authors.

It is a super cool, new, spiffy tool. :) They seem to be adding a lot of new features lately.

But anyway, I learned about this yesterday on Kristi, the Story Siren's, blog when she posted her own 'Most Read Authors' list, and now I have seen that Ashley at the Book Labryinth has posted a list of hers as well. So it's made me want to post mine. :) So here goes!

My list won't be very long, as I don't have all the books listed that I've read. Just all the ones I could mostly remember.
I have read 22 books by Francine. This is because of my obsession with her Fearless series when I was in middle school. I never did finish them all, but I got pretty darn close. This is a great series, and one day I plan to re-read the ones I've read and finish the ones I never got a chance to read. This series may be old, but you should really check it out. :) 

I have read 7 books by J.K. I'm not very surprised by this because I have read all of her Harry Potter series, minus Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Harry Potter is one of my favorite series. :) Anyone excited for Part 2 of the Deathly Hallows coming this July? 

There is a three-way tie for third place on the list! And the authors are. . .

I have read 6 books by Isobel. I fell in love with her Circle of Three series the summer before middle school. I remember reading the summary on the back cover of the first book, So Mote it Be, at my local library and decided to get the first three books to bring with me to visit my Aunt Mary when she was living in Virginia. I quickly devoured the first three books, and started reading some more after I got back. I never did finish the series, though, sadly. But I plan to re-read the ones I've read and finish the series one day. They are great books! You should check them out. :)

I have read 6 books by P.C. This is due to the House of Night series she co-authors with her daughter, Kristin. I loved the first few books in the series, but they quickly fell from the top of my top favorite series a couple of books in. I still continue to read these books, and recommend them, but the newer books aren't as great as the first couple of books. Especially the first book, Marked. P.C is a great writer, though, and I plan to read some of her adult titles.
I have also read 6 books by Richelle. Why? Because Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series is totally kick-ass! I have read all 6 books to her Vampire Academy series, and can't wait for Bloodlines, the first book in her new Vampire Academy spin-off series. She is an amazing writer and  I plan to read some of her other series as well. If you haven't read the Vampire Academy series yet, then you better get started. They are amazing and my number one favorite vampire series and one of my top favorite series of all.

Now another three-way tie! And the authors are. . . 

I have read 5 books by Stephenie. That is due to reading all four Twilight books, and The Host. I started reading Twilight before Eclipse came out, and I loved them. I wasn't a big fan of Breaking Dawn, though. And the movies aren't as good as the books. But I just try and pretend that the movies aren't connected to the book, ha ha. But The Host was AMAZING! :) You should check it out! 

I have read 5 books by Rachel. I LOVE her Morganville Vampires series. I'm not very pleased with have only read five books by her, but I plan to change that by reading the rest of the Morganville Vampires series that is out right now. Once I can get my hands on them from the library, of course. If you haven't read this series, you really should soon. They are great!
I have also read 5 books by Scott. Can anyone say Uglies series? They are awesome! My first dystopian-type series. I read the first 4 books, plus Bogus to Bubbly, the insiders Guide to the World of the Uglies. This is an older series, but great. :) Check it out!

That is all I'm going to list for now. I may plan on doing another one of these at the end of the year, just to see how the list changes. :) 

So what are your top read authors? Please comment with a link to your list, or just tell me what they are. I'd love to know. :)


  1. Mine are Chuck Palahniuk, Darren Shan, and Truman Capote. :D I have more of course, but I'm going to do a post like this so you'll see them all soon!

  2. These lists are fun to read! Have you read Scott Westerfeld's book Peeps? I liked it even more than Uglies. :)

  3. Nice, we have a few in common! That's so awesome that my post helped inspire you to write your own. I think it's so interesting to see who people's top authors are.

    VERY awesome that someone else out there has read the Fearless books... they're definitely a bit older, but quite good, from what I remember.

    Totally agree with you about Breaking Dawn. Ugh. :/ I actually really enjoyed the first 3 books, I was a hardcore Jacob fan, and I thought the books were just really fun, but the last one kind of ruined the whole series for me.

    I just read the first 'Vampire Academy' book... so good!! I usually stay away from paranormals for the most part, but so many people praised the series, that I had to check it out. I'll definitely be picking up the 2nd book as soon the person before me at the library returns it.

  4. Stopping by from the Hop. I see a bit of overlap in our lists. I've never taken the time to list the books I've read on Goodreads - 197 last year alone - and I've been reading and collecting books for decades.
    The Steel Bookshelf

  5. I'm going to check out this feature on Goodreads. Thanks for sharing...

    I haven't read any of the authors on your list, but I do plan to read J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter books soon...my granddaughter is going to lend me the first book in the series. She has read (and loved) them all.


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