Mar 16, 2011

Books for Thought #5

A weekly meme hosted by Eleni @ La Femme Readers.

Sorry guys, I'm a little late with my posts this week. Got some catching up to do! I haven't really been online much since Sunday. My husband and I got into a car accident on Monday night (We are both okay!), so I haven't really been online. But anyway, here is my 'Books for thought'!

This weeks 'Books for Thought' question is: 
Do people ever complain about your reading addiction?

Not anymore they don't. My mom used to when I was a teen (I know, I know. I'm still technically considered a teen since I'm under twenty-one, but oh well.). I guess she just used to complain because she doesn't read that much and doesn't understand why I would love to read as much as I do. 

My husband picks on me about it sometimes, but he supports my love for reading and encourages it, even though he doesn't read that much. He likes to read, but he has to find something he's really interested in reading. 

The only thing that my husband really complains about with my reading addiction is that I have so many books and he hates moving them around when we move. He's had to do it a couple of times because of our living arrangements, but as soon as we move into our apartment that will be the last time he'll have to for a while! Ha ha! 

So, what are YOUR bookish thoughts for this question?


  1. My family never complained because they were all readers and they understood but when I was dating my husband he thought that I should be socializing if I wasn't busy with work/school instead of reading. In his mind, reading was something you did if you had to and if you did it otherwise you were being unsocial and unfriendly. He gets it now.


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