Apr 3, 2011

Brayden Micheal

Alright, I know this isn't book-related, and I'm very sorry. This is the last one for a little while, I promise. :) But I just wanted to let everyone know, because I've had a lot of e-mails asking me about it and I don't have time to reply to all of them, that my son, Brayden, has arrived! Well, he arrived on the 24th of March. :) 

He is absolutely perfect and has grown SO much since we first met. He is currently a week and 3 days old now. He has his own personality and is such a strong little guy. I am still in the recovery process, so I can't do much right now. Also, he hasn't gotten on a very good schedule yet, so I'm having issues with that, and also the part of being completely exhausted! 

But it's all worth it. :) I'm going to attempt to schedule some posts, but some meme's I won't be participating in for a little while until I can get on a schedule. I AM currently reading a book, but I haven't gotten very far in it, sadly! 

But anyway, as some of you have asked, here is a picture of my sweet little boy. He was 2 days old in this picture. 
He was born on March 24th, 2011 at 3:04pm and he weighed 8lbs, 12 oz! Which I canNOT believe! Everyone was asking me where I was hiding him because I wasn't very big at all! I am 5'2" and I weighed 109lbs before my pregnancy. I gained 43 pounds and have lost 22 pounds so far. :) My goal is to lose 8 more pounds to be at my healthy weight for my size. 

My doctor joked and said that I was hiding him in my back pocket, ha ha. He lost some weight, which is normal and expected after they are born, but has came back up to his birth weight and added 2 more pounds to that so far! :) 

Happy reading!


  1. You know this already, but I'm so happy for you and your family! This is really exciting. :D


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