Jul 13, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon Updates: Wednesday

I didn't get to finish updating yesterday due to I wasn't home. We spent the night at my hubby's great-grandmother's house because he had his top teeth all pulled out. So that's why I haven't been on to update and why I have gotten to read much. I read until page 291 yesterday in Generation Dead. Not much! Only  read 59 pages yesterday.

Here is an update for today:

[5:55 p.m]
Reading: Generation Dead
Pages Read:  40
Hours Read: 0 (Under 30 minutes of reading time so far.)
Total Mini-Challenges completed: 4
Total Pages Read: 157

Total Hours Read:  Umm, maybe 2 hours, off and on? I seriously have no clue.

[9:47 p.m]

Reading: Generation Dead
Pages Read:  59
Hours Read: A little over an hour. I have no clue.
Total Mini-Challenges completed: 6
Total Pages Read: 176

Total Hours Read: About 2-3 hours, somewhere in between. Off and on. Why can't I just have the whole three days JUST to sleep and nothing else, like eat, sleep, etc., etc.?

[Update] I didn't read anymore after this, sadly. So at 9:47 p.m that was the correct information for the whole read-a-thon. 


  1. It's ok, I've been in the same boat. Well not literally, but we were out of town all of Monday and most of yesterday, so I haven't gotten much reading done. I'm trying to today but it's not looking so good!

  2. Yeah, I had started GENERATION DEAD before I started the read-a-thon. My goal was to at least finish GD and get at least halfway through BEAUTY QUEENS. But I didn't even finish GD! I still had about 30 pages to read. But hey, maybe we'll do better next time! =)

    It's not easy trying out a read-a-thon with a 4-month-old baby.


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