Sep 2, 2011

Hunger Games First Clip

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When this clip first popped up online my friend Jackie from Don't Sleep, Read sent me the link, asking me if I had seen it yet. And at the time I hadn't. I was so excited to get to the website and watch the clip, I was a little disappointed that it was so short, but hey, it's a clip. Right? Ha-ha.

But anyway, I know most of you have most likely already seen this clip, but I still wanted to share it with you. I have been wanting to share my thoughts with you on the clip and wanting to hear what you all think of it as well. 

I started the series very late. I had the first book in the series for a while, but didn't end up reading it until December of last year (2010) and then followed with the rest of the books this year. I was, of course, ecstatic when I heard when the rights had been sold to create a movie. So I've been waiting oh so patiently for a trailer. =) A clip will hold me out until then. So far it looks really good. I know a lot of people didn't really like how it was mainly about Katniss and then you hear a voice over of Gale in the background. But I did. I'm not really sure what to say about it because I didn't really have any problems with it. 

I was so excited when I first watched it that I stopped it before the whistling and Jackie asked me if I heard it. It was Rue's whistle! I really liked how they put that in. I have high hopes for this movie and I really hope that they prove me right and don't screw up the movie. They will definitely have hell to pay if they do, right? =) All of us HG fans will have to start an HG riot. 

So what are your thoughts on the clip? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. =)

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  1. That's the first clip I've seen! Too bad it's so short. Not sure what to make of it, but I hope it is as fantastic as the book. Thanks for sharing!

    (yeah if they mess up the movie, us fans should hold our own Hunger Games just for movie execs, yay!)


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