Dec 16, 2011

Where Do You Read?

Yesterday while I was waiting on dinner to be done, in between stirring the pot, I was reading. Which I do a lot. After fixing everything for dinner and the last thing to do is wait for it to be done, I read. Which had me wondering if others read while they cook as well. And another questions is, where else do you read? I thought it would be fun to see all the different places readers read.

Outside in the snow?
In a library?
Outside on the grass?
In bed?
A bus?
A car?
The Salon?
At work? In between classes? While shopping? When I lived with my parents and I'd go with them to go grocery shopping, I'd carry a book with me and my iPod and walk with them from aisle to aisle reading my book. Also between classes. My friends thought it was a miracle that I wouldn't run into someone or run into a locker. I was more likely to do those things without my nose stuck in a book. Why? Not really sure. I guess I was just less clumsy that way. Crazy! 

I'd love to know the different places you read at. Please leave a comment or create a blog post and leave the link. =) 

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