Jan 2, 2012

2012 ABC Reading Challenge

I know, it's nearly the third day of January and I'm signing up for another reading challenge. I participated in an ABC challenge last year when it was hosted by Book Junky. I didn't finish the challenge, but this year I hope to! I'm not going to fill out a list this time because a lot of the books I had on my list last year I didn't get to or I didn't finish the books, so I'm just going to leave it blank this year.

This year the challenge is hosted by Gripped Into Books, Cicely Loves Books and Book Geek Central. So wish me luck! Also, if you're participating in this challenge or any challenge in 2012, good luck!


  1. Haha, you're doing a lot of challenges. Nice! I'm participating in two challenges this year. The ABC challenge does look hard, because of some mean letters. Good luck;)

  2. Thanks for participating in the challenege! I can't wait to see your list :)


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