May 15, 2012

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon: Day 2 Challenge

To learn more information about the Bout of Books 4.0 Read-a-thon, click here. Day 2's challenge is hosted by Celine @ Nyx Book Reviews. Click here to go the challenge post. There are two questions you can choose from for the Bookish Confessions Challenge today. I couldn't pick which one I wanted to do, so I'm just going to do both!
Part One: Share your most shocking, embarassing, or funny book related story. 
When I saw this question, one memory came to mind very quickly.  Back when I was in middle school--and my mom used to read every now and then--she checked out Summer by the Sea, by Susan Wiggs and a couple of other books. She started reading one of the other books first and by the time she even went on to the next book, I had already finished my stack of books. So naturally I moved on to check out her stack, where I found Summer by the Sea.

I thought it sounded interesting, so I started reading and got sucked into it. Without really thinking about it, I brought it to school with me the next day after I started it. I was halfway through it and every time I'd finish my work early or had a free moment, I'd read some of the book.

I was in my math class and I couldn't think of anything but that book. But I finished my work and was, of course, reading it. My teacher came by my desk after she finished grading my worksheet and noticed I was reading Summer by the Sea and told me that she had read it too and loved it. Susan Wiggs was one of her favorite authors.

Summer by the Sea has quite a bit of sex scenes in it, so when she told me that I immediately thought about the scenes I had just read and I was SO embarrassed! I was reading a romance novel with pretty heavy sex scenes in it, and my teacher had read it and knew about it! Afterwards I was careful what I brought into her classroom, and I hid it from my mom so she wouldn't read it and know I had read it. When I started it, I didn't know there were going to be sex scenes in it. That was back when I was still embarrassed by anything to do with sex.

Part Two
Physical book or eBook? Though I am warming up to the idea of eBooks, I still love my physical books best. I like to see all the pretty covers on my shelves and FEEL the pages when I turn them. Also, of course, that new book smell. ;)
Paperback or Hardcover? Sometimes I really love paperback, and they are a lot cheaper, but I'd have to say hardcover because they don't do the weird floppy cover thing when you've read it too much and the spines don't get all wrinkly. 
Reality or Make-believe? Depends on my mood. But I'd have to eventually say reality because I love my friends and family. I don't know what I'd do without my son! 
Adult or Young-Adult? I love a lot of Adult books, but I'd have to say Young-Adult because I read more of them and enjoy more of them. 
Dog ears or Bookmarks? Eww, dog ears. Seriously? Bookmarks! 
Breaking the spine or Barely open the book? Breaking the spine is VERY easy to do if you aren't careful, sometimes I don't think about it, but sometimes I try to barely open the book.
Tea or Coffee? I should drink more tea, it's a lot healthier, but I'd have to say COFFEE ALL THE WAY!
Reading in bed or On the couch? I love reading in bed, but I fall asleep pretty quickly if I'm in bed with a book, so on the couch it is! 
 Series or Standalone? Some standalones are good, but I prefer series. What if you loved a book and it doesn't have a sequel?! That is just cruel!
Original or TV Adaptation? Some TV adaptions aren't that bad, but I prefer original.
 Defy motion sickness or Audiobooks? Can I say nether? I'd REALLY love to defy motion sickness, I hate motion sickness. But I can't do audiobooks. I like to see the words. I can't follow along well when listening to an audiobook. Too many distracting things!
Author crushes or Who-was-that-guy-again? Er, author crushes?
Interview or Guest post?  Hmm, tough question. Guest posts are a lot of fun to read, but interviews you get to see them answer questions, so I'll go with that! 

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