Jul 11, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon: Monday Updates

[9:36 p.m.] Okay, so I haven't gotten as much reading as I would of liked done today, but I'm going to try and read as much as possible hear on out tonight. I should be able to get a lot done tomorrow, but it all depends on my son, ha-ha. I have read only 18 pages of my book today, and that was in the car. I started on page 174 of Generation Dead, so I'll keep updates later tonight. =) Happy reading everyone! Back to my reading.

[11:55 p.m.] I got to page 232 in Generation Dead out of 392. I've only read 58  pages today, not much. =/ But hopefully tomorrow I'll get a lot more read. Hope everyone is meeting their goals so far!

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