Sep 17, 2011

Discussion: eReaders?? Help!

It's official. I think I've given in to the new e-Reader craze. My husband is surprised I've taken this long to give in. When they first came out, if you said anything to me about it my automatic answer was No!! 

But now, a lot more publishers are starting to take advantage of this and save paper and everything and have eGalleys. Which is wonderful, especially with the economy.

But I'm scared. Terrified. Is this going to be the future of books? Are eBooks and eReaders going to keep creeping their way into our lives until there are no physical books being printed?

I mean, sure, I love trees. I'm grateful for trees. But still. I love holding a physical book in my hand. Feeling the weight of it in my hands or in my lap, feeling the pages rub across the tips of my fingers as I turn the page, smelling (Yes. You saw it. Smelling! I, am in fact, a book-smeller.)the unique book scent that a piece of technology like an eReader (Or any other piece of equipment like a phone or iPad, etc. that has the application to read books.)doesn't have. Sure, there is the weird book scented cologne, but that is definitely not the point. You know?

Is anyone else horrified by the idea of a world in the future where there are no more physical books?

Even though I'm scared, I can still see the advantages of owning an eReader (Or other piece of technology. Just sayin'.)

  1. It could come in handy. Right? You could carry a lot more books with you when you go somewhere. I mean, I'm one of those kind of gals that carries a book with her everywhere she goes, even if it's just to Wal-Mart and I most likely won't read it. But there is that chance that I might while I'm in the car. If you finish a book, you can start on another one if you please. Also, if you aren't in the position to hold onto a book at the moment and flip pages (If your a mom, you most definitely understand this one.)you can just pull out your e-Reader and use one hand. 
  2. In some cases e-Books are a lot cheaper than physical books. Especially the hardcover ones. So if you are in love with books as much as I am and have a to-be-read list like no other, then you can buy multiple books for the price of buying maybe just one physical book. 
  3. You don't have to wait/pay for shipping and handling. It will go straight to your e-Reader (If you have WiFi.) or you can download it onto your e-Reader. 
  4. A lot of publishers are using it nowadays to send out a lot more review copies in e-Galley format. It's cheaper that way and a lot more book reviewers can use it. 
  5. Sometimes e-Books are free. Yes, I said it. FREE. I mean, go to Amazon and go to their e-Book section. Enough said. 
  6. Saves A LOT of space for those who is lacking shelf-space.
There are probably a lot more perks to it, but I can't think of them. But then again, is all of that enough? I mean, I'm one of those weird girls who LOVE seeing all the books on her shelves. Every time I walk by my bookshelf I have to stop and smile at all my books. I love having physical copies, and, you know, in my head e-Books aren't real books to me yet. I just can't bring myself to think that. 

I know I may be being over dramatic, but this is my thoughts on e-Readers. I'm in the middle. I want one, but at the same time I'm scared. 

If I do end up getting an e-Reader sometime in the near or distant future. Which ones do you think I should be looking at? I want a good, decent rated, cheap-ish e-Reader. I don't want to go out and spend $200 plus on one. I'm not even sure if I wan't to spend over $100. 

But anyway, please share your thoughts on the subject. And if you own an e-Reader, please tell me more perks, and also which e-Readers you think would be good to look at buying. 

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