Dec 29, 2011

Top 10 of 2011: Top Ten Characters in 2011

Day four of the Top 10 of 2011 blog event that is hosted by Lisa @ A Life Bound By Books and Jessica @ Confessions of a Bookaholic, and co-hosted by Rachel @ Fiktshun and Jaime & Patricia @ Two Chicks on Books. Today's topic is: 
Top Ten Characters in 2011

1. Rose Hathaway, Lissa Dragomir & Sydney Sage
I couldn't pick just one. I mean, sure Rose is my top favorite. But these three are awesome. My top three female characters of the series. Rose is a kick-ass guardian, Lissa is kick-ass with magic and Sydney is smart and a kick-ass alchemist. 
2. Riley Blackthorne
She's sarcastic, speaks her mind, and is brave. She will run into action, no matter how dangerous it might be, to put up a good fight and to help save those she cares about. 
3. Calla Nightshade
from the Nightshade series, by Andrea Cremer
She's brave and born to be a leader. She does what she thinks is right, even if it goes against what her pack believes in.
4. Evie 
She's hilarious! And really nice to those she likes. Don't really know what else to say about her. She seems to do some stuff without thinking sometimes, but she gets through it. She's awesome. =)
5. Katniss Everdeen
from The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins
Do I really even need to explain about her? She's kick-ass! She took her little sister's place in the Hunger Games so Prim didn't have to fight for her life. And she does so much more that I'm not going to name in case you haven't read the series. She's awesome!

6. Violet
I can't really explain Violet. She's awesome. Love her character! Her gift of finding bodies is awesome, though would definitely be a bit scarring... lol She has a good heart. 

7. Eden
Eden is awesome. She's kind of morbid, but she really cares for those she loves. Her powers are really cool, too. Though it can do a lot of harm if needed. 

8. Alona Dare
Alona can be a real drama queen and very judgemental, but she's hilarious at times. She makes me laugh a lot. She's one of those stereo-typical  cheerleaders I actually like, if that makes sense. 
 9. Belly Conklin
from The Summer Series, by Jenny Han 
She may be a little bit immature in the beginning of the first book, but she really grows a lot. She really has a good heart and cares about her love ones, sometimes so much that it gets in the way. Like not being able to choose between the Fisher boys. 

10. Lily Sanderson
Before I read the book I thought Lily was going to be kind of stuck up since she's royalty, but that wasn't the case. She had your regular every day teenage problems. Plus, she's a mermaid. Isn't that awesome! Sometimes I really wish I were one. =D Wouldn't that be cool?

Wow, I started this post at 10pm, and now it's nearly 1am in the morning. A bit late. But I started and had to stop. Finally got it done though. =) I thought since yesterday was about Book boyfriends, I'd dedicate this post to our awesome heroines. Sorry I'm not very good at describing why I like a character. Sometimes I You know? I probably should get started on tomorrow's, er, well, today's topic now since I keep getting them out late. Just haven't had much time do anything the last couple of weeks because of Christmas and the last few days I've been sick. Getting better though!

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