Jan 21, 2012

TBR Intervention #1

TBR Intervention is where I ask all of you awesome readers to help me choose something off my To Be Read list to get from the library the next time I go. I'll pick one, and maybe even two depending how I'm feeling, book off the list.

I'll choose a book by how many times it shows up on the list. If it is picked more than once, I'll choose it to read. But if there isn't a book that is chosen more than once, I'll either do a poll on the blog through the books or I'll just use Random.org. I have a crazy insane TBR list and I never know where to start and it ALWAYS gets bigger and bigger.

Please fill out the form below with your choice! =D And thank you so much for helping! I'll probably be doing this every so often. Maybe once a month. It all depends on when I go to the library. But when I do go to get new books I'll try and do it then. =) 

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